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Queen Victoria


Artwork Summary

Unique mixed media artwork with gold leaf butterfly and resin finish.

Size: 152H x 91W cm

Price of Original Artwork: POA

Available Prints

Editions of 35 at 118.9 x 84.1 cm

Editions of 15 at 84.1 x 59.4 cm

Note: All prints come with a COA and are hand embellished, framed, signed and numbered on Giclee 300gsm paper

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Deliberately misleading, Queen Victoria contrasts the dour reputation of Queen Victoria I with the entrepreneurial celebrity, Victoria Beckham. Beckham has experienced a evolution in how she is perceived by the public; from singer and wife of David Beckham, to respected fashion designer and icon in her own right. Her regal sash intertwines with scenes of religious imagery containing skeletons and darkness, encouraging the viewer to consider the depth behind the glossy and frivolous façade of celebrity. Victoria’s outfit exemplifies the best of British fashion design, with the use of butterflies and designer branding enhancing her own position with the world of luxury.

Additional information

Dimensions 95 × 125 cm

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